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A Foodtastic Time

By September 16, 2019September 29th, 2019Marriott Tianjin China Program – Fall 2019

Korean-Barbecue Hot-Pot Hong-Kong-style-noodle-restaurant

It seems almost absurd that nearly a month has gone by since arriving to China… The experiences, the emotions, the people we’ve met! What an indescribable reality!

Hot Pot

Not only have I found a restaurant that fulfills my Costa Rican need for beans (a true delicacy if you ask me) thanks to my friend and FIU-TUC veteran, Mario, but I have also delved into the world of flavor offered to me by Hot Pots and Korean Barbecues (true life changers and definitely my personal favorites).

Hong Kong Style Noodle Restaurant

I have been mesmerized by the aromas, sounds and flavors I have been surrounded by, and my curious mind has been satisfied to no end in the myriad of conversations I have been able to have with my two amazing professors. The four classes I’m taking allow me to delve into the culinary world like no other classes have ever done. Introduction to Food Production, International Baking Confectionaries and Desserts, Wine and Food Paring, and Food Service Trends and Challenges are the four classes I’m taking at Tianjin, and I couldn’t be happier. Learning and discussing about foods, and flavors, and combinations has been amazing, and I can’t wait to see what the upcoming weeks have in store for me inside and outside of class.

Korean Barbeque

I have always admired and loved the communal nature of Asian cuisines and meals, and being able to experience it with such amazing people as I have the last couple of weeks has definitely reinforced that love. To Angie, Celine, Mario, Li, Barbara, Tessa, Jamin, Miranda, and everyone else who has helped me deepen my fascination for food and culinary arts these last couple of weeks while also sharing delicious food and tea with me:  I appreciate you greatly and I am excited for what’s to come!!!!

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