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4th Post Tianjin

By November 11, 2016November 16th, 2016Marriott Tianjin China Program


It’s true, good food makes the world go round, and Tianjin’s cuisine is no exception.  Today, I joined two of my local classmates, Rebecca and Lindsey for lunch, and I was introduced to Korean Hot Pot.  When they say hot, they mean hot. WOW! what a wonderful dish.  Korean hot pot is one of many East Asian variety of stews, consisting of a boiling metal pot of red spicy stock placed at the center of the eating  table.  As the hot pot continues to simmer, a variety of ingredients are placed into the pot and are cooked at the table.  This is a shared dish to be enjoyed by friends and family sitting at the table.  Normal hot pot dishes include all types of seafood, thinly sliced meats, chicken, leafy vegetables, mostly cabbage and bok choy, mushrooms, tofu, small boiled eggs, wontons, and a variety of different type of noodles. Today, was the perfect day for me to experience Korean hot pot because the weather was freezing cold.  I’m more used to the warm weathers of Hawaii and Florida.  Below is a picture of the Korean hot pot that I had for lunch with my two classmates.


As you may know, China is well known for it’s local street food.  Again, the city of Tianjin is no exception and is famous for its street food, otherwise commonly known as “specialty snacks.” You can find almost any type of food your heart desires in the narrow alley ways and busy streets of Tianjin. The snacks that are most popular are edibles such as steamed buns filled with minced meat and/or veggies, fried dough twists that are lightly spiced and then deep fried.  You can also try other types of fried dough filled with red bean paste that are slightly sweetened.  Anything involving dough and oil sums up Tianjin’s street food. The best part about snacking around town in Tianjin is that, even if you try a snack that isn’t so great, the cost is so minimal, usually no more than a dollar or two at the most.   I say, so why not try it? Below, I’ve attached for you a picture of a food street vendor selling a large variety of fried seafood.  The large one propped up on a stick that looks like something from the movie Aliens is a flattened deep fried squid.

Tianjin Street Vendor

Lastly, what would we Westerners do without our fix of a good, tasty burger.  Well, if you are ever in Tianjin and in need of a good burger, TJ Tex-Mex restaurant in downtown Tianjin is the place to go. TJ Tex-Mex really serves up some fantastic food, and the menu just shouts the word “Delicious”!
My own experience there have been fantastic with the staff providing top notch service and are willing to do their best to make sure you leave happy and satisfied.  Just take a look at the mouth watering burger I had.


Don’t forget those hot, crispy french fries.  Way to go TJ Tex-Mex. In closing, if you are ever in Tianjin don’t be afraid to try the foods that might seem unfamiliar to you.  I can assure you, the experience alone is worth the trip.

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