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It is now time to study for midterms. Classes are the same level of expectations as Miami.  Professors care about attendance and you must complete all assignments. Professors encourage group projects; I have a group project in every class. It helps you to connect and work with the Chinese students and improves team building skills.

There are also plenty of organizations and activities on campus. The picture below is me attending the Tea Time event, which is a group of Chinese and foreigners that meet to discuss differences of culture, while connecting with each other and enjoying tea with cake. This experience has impacted me as a global citizen and future professional because it teaches me how to connect with people from different backgrounds, religions, and culture which is very useful within the hospitality industry. It also helps enhance one’s public speaking skills.



Before Golden Week, I went to the 798 Art District and the Temple of Heaven. Both are in Beijing. The Temple of Heaven is a historical and ancient site where the emperor used to live. The art district has interesting sculptures. An artist from the art district drew a portrait of my face.

While I was in Beijing, I tried the traditional Beijing duck with the wrap, vegetables, and sauce. I’ve never had duck until I came to China. It tastes delicious. I’ve also tried Korean food, which is spicy, from the canteens on campus.

Coming to China allows you to be open-minded and embrace a new culture. Learning and exploring in a new environment will prepare me for my future professional goals in the industry once I finish studying in China.

During Golden Week, the first week of October, all of China is on holiday, and everyone travels. This means everywhere is packed and crowded with people. Tickets were booked for trains and planes. The later you wait to book the ticket, the higher the price goes because everyone wants to travel. It’s like the airports during Christmas or New Year’s – very busy!  Therefore, I ended up staying in Tianjin and had a blast!

Coming to China, you’ll some of the most caring, genuine, helpful students that will go above and beyond to assist you in any way.  They can ensure that you feel welcome and happy to be in China.

During Golden Week, I went to a nice restaurant with a foreign exchange group with people from several different countries.  The food was delicious.  I also attended a soccer game at Tianjin University’s old campus with foreigners.  I went to a gathering to celebrate the winning team.

Tianjin is a beautiful city with a gorgeous night life, as seen in the shot at night.  Overall, during Golden Week, I relaxed and enjoyed my break from class. Coming to China has been one of my best decisions,  and it will be a helpful experience towards my future career!


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